~ App Studio 9 ~

We Build Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

Getting Started

Provide us a simple 2-5 screen wireframe sketch, and in many cases we can have a comprehensive working prototype for you in 2-3 weeks.  

A wireframe is a basic storyboard with lines, boxes, and labels to illustrate the basic app screens.  Here’s a good explanation: Wireframe Step-by-Step Guide

Core Services

In building your app, it includes support for the following:

  • Cloud data storage
  • User Register & Login
  • Payment processing
  • Publishing your app to App Store and Google Play
  • Store listing optimization and promotion

The Imaginary Friends App

Here is an app we developed in under a month, and is now published on the major app stores.


If you are interested in partnering with us for a custom variation of this app, and/or being listed on our Partner Initiatives screen, you can send us a note via the contact form below.  We welcome your feedback.

Get in Touch

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley ~ Downtown San Jose, California. Drop us a line to let us know how we can help.

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